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Are you flying in for Phoenix Rising, but don't know anyone else? Have a hot tip about New Orleans dining? Just want to discuss Fawkes and his friends? phoenixchat is open for all and sundry to discuss anything and everything under the sun.

Organize meet-ups. Get together with your Quidditch teammates - or cheerleaders. Sort out the exact key and tempo of the phoenix song - it's up to you.

If you have questions about Phoenix Rising, please email us at help@thephoenixrises.org. If you have questions about the end of the Harry Potter series, we're afraid we can't help you... although we will happily point you in the wrong direction. If you have questions for your fellow attendees about anything else, post away!

Our staff members will drop in from time to time, but if you have any questions, please email them to help@thephoenixrises.org. You might also want to watch our official on-topic community for updates: fromashandflame.

If you'd prefer to post your queries here, your Phoenix Rising mods are:

phoenix_amy : Amy, Lead Event Organizer
phoenix_hallie : Hallie, Lead Event Organizer
phoenix_kirstee : Kirstee, Chair of Communications

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Unofficial Communities

These communities are created and run by attendees. Neither Phoenix Rising nor the conference organisers hold any responsibility for content or moderation of these communities, and they are not officially affiliated with Phoenix Rising.

phoenix_hd: For Harry/Draco fans attending Phoenix Rising
phoenix_sshg: For Severus/Hermione fans attending Phoenix Rising
phoenix_severus: For Severus Snape fans attending Phoenix Rising
phoenix_hhr: For Harry/Hermione fans attending Phoenix Rising
pr_trio: For Trio fans attending Phoenix Rising
pr_harry_ron: For Harry/Ron fans attending Phoenix Rising
pr_ron_hermione: For Ron/Hermione fans attending Phoenix Rising

Characters/Multi Ships
snape_slash_07: For Snape slashers attending Phoenix Rising

phoenix_aussies: For Australians attending Phoenix Rising
hpcrafters_pr: For HP Crafters attending Phoenix Rising